6 Hidden Secrets Of Mantra Healing
-Peaking, Prana, Prosperity, & Peace
"Let us change ourselves then the world will be an interesting game"
- Swami Sukhabodhananda
I am on a journey to create excellence in all walks of lifeusing Indian Models & Western Approaches. I invite you to be ready & open to make this change – A soulful
invitation to you.

Learn 6 core principles Of Mantra Healing which will make you

an outer and inner winner in this Online course...

Principle #1
OM Pranava Mantra –Open up
Sahasra (Lotus Chakra)
Learn the art of 6Ps - Protection,Prayer,Positive mindset,Prana,Pure Intention,Practice
Principle #2
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha
Open Muladhara (Sex Center)
Creation of creativity
Principle #3
Om Krishnaya Namaha (Heart
Fullness – Not fragmentation
Principle #4
Om Namah Shivaya
Om Shivaya namah- Shakti sandhaane shareera utpattihi
Principle #5
Mrityunjaya Mantra
Victory Over Death
Principle #6
Gayatri Mantra
Let us All Be Enlightened
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